All in?

As Ringo says, “it don’t come easy.”  The Beatles are a great example.  They played at bars for hours and hours every night and then went home and played even more.  

There’s no, “I’m trying to become a rock and roll star in my spare time.”  The same applies for building a company.  How can you expect other people like the drummer in the band or co-founder of your company to devote their time if you don’t do the same?

College is a place for people to dabble in and experiment with many topics that interest them.  Few people find something that they want to spend every moment thinking about or working on but those that do must seek out others like them.  They should not expect the average college student to be capable of focusing on one project.  

The ones that really don’t want college to distract them from their passions drop out or take time off (I did the latter).  I’m not advocating either option unless you feel compelled to make that decision on your own.  If you do take a break or drop out you had better focus on what you were supposedly putting your institutional education on hold for.

No, it don’t come easy, but if you love what you do you should savor every moment.

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