How To Piss People Off On Twitter - A Lesson In Etiquette


On 11/28 I had a guest post on Hypebot about showing appreciation for your fans.  

It seemed as if everyone generally enjoyed the strategy I discussed in the post and it was tweeted by a bunch of people.  I typically “favorite” every link someone tweets to my posts as a way of showing my appreciation.  I don’t use Twitter for marketing my business or myself except when I occasionally release a blog post.  Instead, I prefer to use Twitter as a platform for sharing interesting news about tech and music with friends as well as photos of things I’m currently enjoying.  

Sometimes I follow people who tweet my posts or whose tweets I simply find interesting.  I don’t expect all of these people to follow me back.

There is one sure-fire way to piss most people off on Twitter after they follow you:

  1.  Follow your current follower back or follow someone and wait for them to follow you.
  2.  DM them some (often rather spammy) message.
  3.  Unfollow them immediately after sending the DM.


Today’s culprit is Vampire Sex Kittens.  They are far from the only Twitter user that employs this tactic but they are getting singled out in this blog post because it was the one time too many.

Why B(r)ands do this:

  • They falsely believe they can somehow increase their “Follower” count and keep a low “Following” count.
  • They want to spam someone but don’t want to let that person DM them back.

Why they should abandon this practice:

  • I wanted to reply to their DM thanking them for spreading the link to my Hypebot post but couldn’t.  Instead, I’m now writing this post.
  • Imagine I did listen to their song and loved it.  Maybe I would connect them with a venue, journalist, record label, etc.  Instead, when I try to message them back I see what they did and write this post.

Practice good Twitter etiquette.  Cheap tricks waste your time, my time, and actually make people dislike you.

Crashed paper airplane drawing by Taleas Comics (@taleascomic)