Being Everywhere That Matters

This post is from the Bottol blog.

There are so many online groups, forums and networks that trying to be monitor all of them yourself is a fruitless endeavor.

Be where the issues will blow up.

While social media management should not necessarily be controlled by an intern there is value in having as many eyes as possible keeping track of the discussions happening around your product so long as they know who to report issues to.

 At 8:45 on July 16th, Redditor AmericanDerp published the above screen capture with the title “Facebook has blocked” Three hours later, as the posting was nearing the inflection point when it would take off and go viral, a Redditor named fisherrider commented:

“Hey folks - so this is actually my fault. Literally, I’m the guy who accidentally blocked imgur for a brief period of time today. I’m really sorry. Some background: I’m an engineer who works on the system we use for catching malicious URLs. In the process of dealing with a bad URL that our automated defenses didn’t catch, I ran into a rare bug that caused us to incorrectly block some legitimate URLs for a brief time. Right after I figured that out and removed the bad data, I reworked the UI so no one will get bit by the same issue in the future.”

Reddit will be the one of the first sites to notice when something goes wrong. Be where the problems will first be discovered and fix them before the word about a problem can spread. Not only will you have prevented a potential headache but those that found the problem will be grateful at your prompt response to fixing it.